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Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2

Battlefield 2042 – Update 3.1.2 for Season 3: Escalation

Hey everyone,

It’s been great seeing you enjoying and sharing your Battle of Nordvik event gameplay clips over the holidays – especially for Breakthrough Chaos!

On January 17, at 09:00 UTC we’ll roll out our first Update of the year which resolves several immediate issues, and adds several balance changes which you’ve highlighted to us throughout the Holidays.

We’re also expanding the Battlefield™ 1942 Arsenal for Battlefield Portal, as part of this update you’ll be able to use the Mk VI Revolver, Gewehr 43, Gewehr 43 ZF4, M1 Garand Sniper, No 4 and the Sten within Battlefield Portal Experiences.

You can expect a more substantial set of changes coming later this month in Update 3.2.0 alongside the reworked Breakaway map, and the return to Classes.

Path to Season 2

The Path to Season 02 – Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and Warzone™ 2.0 Community Update

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Overwatch 2 and Starcraft 2 added!

I added Overwatch 2 and Starcraft II to the website.

Check out the video below for 25 TIPS to get BETTER in OVERWATCH 2