Battlefield 2042 Update #3.1.0

Battlefield 2042 – Update 3.1 for Season 3: Escalation

Hey everyone,

It has been a joy seeing your reactions to Season 3: Escalation and exploring Spearhead as you’ve been fighting it out through the Cubes with the Rorsch Mk-4, or dominating from afar with the EMKV90-TOR.

Thank you for playing Battlefield™ 2042 Season 3: Escalation and sharing your thoughts and gameplay with us!

Update #3.1.0 brings further Quality of Life improvements alongside the Manifest Rework and goes live across all platforms on 07/12 @ 09:00 UTC

What’s new Update Season 3.1?

Here is an overview of the changes and improvements in this Update:

  • Map Rework: Manifest
  • New Vault Weapons: M416, M240B, M93R
  • Gameplay Responsiveness Improvements around Weapon Reload Animation and Audio

Source: EA Games