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Linking XBOX to Discord

How to use Discord with Xbox

Before you get started
Discord now works natively with the Xbox console so that you can transfer Discord voice channels to your Xbox while playing on the console. Use the steps below to link Discord with Xbox and start a Discord voice channel with your friends.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Features typically found in Xbox party chat are not supported in Discord voice channels, such as Invite everyone to game, Join game, Switch to game chat, Party overlay, View profile card, and more.
  • You can’t mix Discord friends with Xbox friends. A Discord voice channel will contain Discord friends, while Xbox party chat will contain Xbox friends.
  • Switching between Discord voice channels on console is not supported. You’ll need to retransfer audio from Discord again to switch to a new voice channel.
  • Discord voice channel audio can’t be broadcast through Xbox live streaming.
  • Discord is not available in all countries/regions.

Source: XBOX Support