Immortalize Craig’s newest release with official concert merch from his Zeta Halo Tour.

The Craig Rock tee is available now in the Halo Gear Shop. Limited stock, infinite rock.

🤘 https://t.co/YlY2tx3MVe https://t.co/FRzQssFuc6
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Once a bodyguard for high-ranking Covenant officials, Bipbap’s reputation for ruthlessness came from his service to the Brute Chieftain Tartarus. Bipbap's loyalty drove him to slay his own people for siding with the Sangheili during the Great Schism. #FictionFriday https://t.co/JCNj5uoxte Halo photo
Ideal for bass defense. 🎸🎶📼 Dazzle your foes with the Neon Beat Bundle in the Shop.

#HaloWinterUpdate https://t.co/AazLDtgwn5
Gobble Gobble, Spartans! 🦃

Log into MCC between now and 11/28 to unlock the Nerd Bird nameplate and then jump into Turkey Time for a delightful feast of FFA offerings. https://t.co/MXkjjVlQXF
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Get ‘em close enough to see nature’s warning colors... ⚠️ The Neon Steel Weapon Coating is this week's Ultimate Reward.

#HaloWinterUpdate https://t.co/NfAvIGp7rn
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