Final day to join in on Mindfall and complete your free 10-tier Event Pass. 🔥

#HaloEchoesWithin https://t.co/QECJblgqGP
Last day 📣 to complete the Mindfall Event Pass and earn access to the Shroud Screen Pin from @HaloGear Rewards.

Details on how-to claim: https://t.co/eNfPHmNIUZ https://t.co/oj0jFAOOMv
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Original creations and beloved remakes shine together in the latest issue of Forge Features!

🏖: https://t.co/AsOMVT7h6G https://t.co/fhpaZZHpSo
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⚙️ TECH DATABASE | Shroud Screen

Now they see you, now they don't. Get your Infinite infiltrator vibes on with the Shroud Screen, a brand-new piece of equipment available in Season 3. #FictionFriday https://t.co/SiYExtDhZQ
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Feeling happy-go-lucky in Forge!

Happy #StPatricksDay 🍀🌈 https://t.co/OV8SuZW9fN

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