Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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Battlefield 2042 v2.2.0 Update

Battlefield 2042 v2.2.0 Update

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Linking XBOX to Discord

How to use Discord with Xbox

Before you get started
Discord now works natively with the Xbox console so that you can transfer Discord voice channels to your Xbox while playing on the console. Use the steps below to link Discord with Xbox and start a Discord voice channel with your friends.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Features typically found in Xbox party chat are not supported in Discord voice channels, such as Invite everyone to game, Join game, Switch to game chat, Party overlay, View profile card, and more.
  • You can’t mix Discord friends with Xbox friends. A Discord voice channel will contain Discord friends, while Xbox party chat will contain Xbox friends.
  • Switching between Discord voice channels on console is not supported. You’ll need to retransfer audio from Discord again to switch to a new voice channel.
  • Discord voice channel audio can’t be broadcast through Xbox live streaming.
  • Discord is not available in all countries/regions.

Source: XBOX Support

MW2 Multiplayer preview


Battlefield 2042 – Update 2.2 for Season 2: Master of Arms

Hi everyone,

We’re about to head into the second major game update for Season 2: Master of Arms. We hope you continue to enjoy everything new so far in this Season.

Update 2.2 for Season 2: Master of Arms releases on Thursday, October 20 @ 08:00 UTC.

Here’s an overview of some of the key changes and improvements that are included in this Update:

  • A reworked version of Orbital with an improved gameplay flow, more cover and assets, and terrain improvements
  • 3 new Vault Weapons enter the All-Out Warfare arsenal; the ACW-R, AKS-74u and MP412 REX
  • Premium Battle Pass holders will have the option to keep their servers visible in the Server Browser via the new Persistent Servers Feature even when they’re not playing
  • Laser Sight behavior on weaponry has received improved visuals and is now more fluid and reactive with movement

With a new reworked map and 3 new Vault weapons available for play alongside a variety of changes and improvements, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback once you’ve been able to play.

MW2 Campain Official Launch

MW2 Live Stream

BF2042 Season 2

Battlefield 2042 Dev Update

Battlefield 2042 v1.2

Being just over halfway into Season 1, we hope you continue to enjoy the new content and are having a great summer. This week, Update 1.2 launches and we are excited about getting these new changes and improvements into your hands. It will be available to download and play on Tuesday, August 2.

What’s new?

This update includes not only new bug fixes, balance changes and Quality of Life improvements, but also the first of our planned launch map reworks, alongside the initial Style and Tone changes for some of our Specialists:

  • Kaleidoscope has been reworked to offer an improved gameplay flow through new cover assets, flag positions, terrain elevations and visual updates to several locations on the map
  • We are introducing the first Style and Tone change for our Specialists, which includes several updated character models
  • The power of the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal 30mm Cannon has been reduced by making it overheat at a much faster rate. This will help to limit their impact on infantry and bring it more inline with our balance
  • A Player Profile and Statistics page is now available in-game. It provides an overview of your performance and progression since launch
  • Aim Assist on Controllers has been adjusted to ensure it feels smoother and more consistent while tracking moving targets
  • The BSV-M Full Auto mode now receives an accuracy penalty, and High Power rounds now lose damage faster over distance

The full list of changes for Update 1.2 is available in the Changelog below.

When is the next update?

How to Fix Game Chat Not Working on Halo Infinite

Having a hard time figuring out why game chat is not working on Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite is a relatively new title in the market that comes with a multiplayer mode. The game is the 16th installment of the famous Halo franchise and is available for Windows and Xbox consoles.

After getting delayed multiple times, 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios have finally released the game, and fans are hyped.

Despite its successful history, Halo Infinite did not have the smoothest launch.

Call Of Duty MWII

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