A member needs your help!

-g2.OTL_ITUBEUCRYs children were in a bad car accident. His daughter is home safe but son is still in ICU. Please share, even if you are unable to donate.


First I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for allowing our children to be alive. Our son and daughter were both involved in a critical car accident.

My children were driving home and the car that hit them were simply arguing. The passenger grabbed the wheel and hit them head-on. Our daughter suffered a broken foot and dislocated pelvis along with whiplash; however, our son had to go to a trauma center for emergency surgery due to his intestines being detached from his colon. He has a long recovery ahead and any help would be greatly appreciated. Due to future possible surgeries and rehabilitation, there is a long road ahead of us.
Thank you for those that can help or please share and pray for all involved including the other party that was involved.