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How to Fix Game Chat Not Working on Halo Infinite

Having a hard time figuring out why game chat is not working on Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite is a relatively new title in the market that comes with a multiplayer mode. The game is the 16th installment of the famous Halo franchise and is available for Windows and Xbox consoles.

After getting delayed multiple times, 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios have finally released the game, and fans are hyped.

Despite its successful history, Halo Infinite did not have the smoothest launch.

Halo Infinite

I recently decided to add a Halo Infinite Category and page to the site.
Once of our newest editions is the Halo Interactive Map.
Click on the Halo menu to open the Halo Interactive Map in a separate window (FULLSCREEN) and figure out where everything from CallOuts, and Weapon Locations are.