Battlefield 2042 – Update 2.2 for Season 2: Master of Arms

Hi everyone,

We’re about to head into the second major game update for Season 2: Master of Arms. We hope you continue to enjoy everything new so far in this Season.

Update 2.2 for Season 2: Master of Arms releases on Thursday, October 20 @ 08:00 UTC.

Here’s an overview of some of the key changes and improvements that are included in this Update:

  • A reworked version of Orbital with an improved gameplay flow, more cover and assets, and terrain improvements
  • 3 new Vault Weapons enter the All-Out Warfare arsenal; the ACW-R, AKS-74u and MP412 REX
  • Premium Battle Pass holders will have the option to keep their servers visible in the Server Browser via the new Persistent Servers Feature even when they’re not playing
  • Laser Sight behavior on weaponry has received improved visuals and is now more fluid and reactive with movement

With a new reworked map and 3 new Vault weapons available for play alongside a variety of changes and improvements, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback once you’ve been able to play.