Enjoy some of our favorite Season 4 moments captured by you 🎖

Unveil your hidden talents using #OnlyInBattlefield

All #PlayStation Plus members can redeem #Battlefield 2042 at no extra cost 👀

🔵 Available until April 3
Fire an explosive payload capable of attaching to anything on the #battlefield that will detonate after a short delay 💥

Add the SPH Explosive Launcher to your loadout by reaching tier 16 in the Season 4: Eleventh Hour Battle Pass.
It's been epic seeing your #OnlyInBattlefield moments in Season 4 🤯

We're seeing squad after squad jump into the fray and we hope you're having a Blasco so far 👀
Season 4 Eleventh Hour introduced a wide array of weaponry with the AC9 SMG, RM68 AR, RPT-31 LMG, and the Super 500 Shotgun

▫️ Which one do you enjoy or dislike and why?

▫️ Do they feel different from existing offerings within their class?

Share your thoughts below!
Battlefield photo
New in #Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0:

Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone is now able to destroy enemy gadgets and electronic devices using the EMP blast ⚡

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