Classics never go out of style! Unlock the new Vault weapons by completing the following steps:

▫️ 100 Kills & Assists with the XM8 LMG or LCMG
▫️ 60 Teammates Healed or Revived

▫️ 100 Kills & Assists with the A-91 or AC-42
▫️ 10 Kills with the PKP-BP in a round
Battle your way through close-quarter confrontations to reclaim full control of The Cubes in the new map, Spearhead. With powerful ground vehicles roaming the rocky landscape on your tail, you’ll want some explosive artillery to have your back for this one.
Use the XM370A Airburst Launcher to flush out enemies behind cover and his Perseverance Trait to recover health faster after eliminating an enemy. Take more risks and bring the fight… just as any good Assault player would.
With cutting-edge tech comes great destruction. Decimate your enemies and make the #Battlefield yours.
Season 3 is armed with cutting-edge tech to cut down your enemies. Just like the EMKV90-TOR Rail Gun Destroyer Tank. A 2-mode tank ready to help any worthy squad.

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